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Tattoo School - Tattoo Machine DVD

The first dvd revealing us the secrets of a tattoo machine. More secrets straight from the best manufacturers in the world: lBiotek, Lauro Paolini, Pullmann and Micky Sharpz share their unique experience.

The tattoo machine was for a long time a mysterious object to most people - protected by a trade secret that only heightened the intrigue and interest surrounding it. Anyone who wanted to know more had to become an assistant and serve their time at a tattoo studio. That was the only way to get near the device in question. Then, perhaps one day, the tattoo artist who had taken you under his wing could get you one of your own or even make one for you. 

Nowadays there are a lot more tattoo studios around the world, which has led to the establishment of companies specialising in the production of tattoo machines. The people who run these companies have something in common: love for this hand produced instrument and sheer dedication to their work, a sentiment that also comes across in their interviews. 

As well as a few techniques as demonstrated by the tattoo artist Max Rambelli, this double DVD set includes information about the pieces that make up the machine, a detailed description of on how it works, some maintenance tips and lots more secrets straight from the best manufacturers in the world. All in two languages, English and Italian.

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